Brightmetrics Install Guide for MiVB

Adding Brightmetrics for your MiVB environment takes a few steps and we'll document those here below.
The SMDR processor service (Brightmetrics SMDR) is a small utility that is installed on a server with network access to the MiVB server. It listens to the SMDR and ACD Event streams and logs the data to a local database for processing by the Brightmetrics™ MiVB Plugin.
System Requirements:

1. .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.
2. Microsoft SQL Server Local DB 2014 or newer

3. Network access to MiVB servers, including the following TCP ports:

  • SMDR Events: 1752
  • ACD Events: 15373

4. Same timezone as the MiVB servers

5. Confirm that the SDS Form Sharing is enabled. System Properties -> System
Administration -> SDS Form Sharing. This is used to sync the configuration across
the different appliances.

6. In order for us to load configuration data, we will need to have a user authorization
profile created for our agent to access the MiVB server. This can be
accomplished within the MiVB Portal System Administration Tool.

  • Navigate to System Properties>System Administration>User Authorization Profiles.
  • Create a new user authorization profile with System Admin option checked, and the System Admin policy name set to "system".
  • You will enter these credentials into the Data Source Configuration page in Brightmetrics when setting up the data source and agent.


Install all pre-requisites:

Download the SMDR Processor Setup:

Run the SMDR Processor Setup Program:

  • When prompted for the Server Address, enter the IP address(es) to your MiVB server(s)

**Note, if you have multiple servers, enter the addresses together using comma separation, ie,***


Navigate to the Data Source Configuration page in Brightmetrics and add your MiVB Data Source here(you will need to be an account admin to complete this):


  • Fill in the following fields in the resulting dialog:
  • Server Address(es) for the MiVB Server(s)
  • MiVB User/Password that was created in Step 6 above
  • Select "Add New Agent" from the drop down next for Agent Name and choose "Add New Agent" and the agent a name
  • Click Save



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