Brightmetrics Install Guide for MiVB

Required Permission Level: Company Administrator
Adding Brightmetrics for your MiVB environment takes a few steps and we'll document those here below.
The SMDR processor service (Brightmetrics SMDR) is a small utility that is installed on a server with network access to the MiVB server. It listens to the SMDR and ACD Event streams and logs the data to a local database for processing by the Brightmetrics™ MiVB Plugin.
System Requirements:

1. .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.
2. Microsoft SQL Server Local DB 2014 or newer

3. Network access to MiVB servers, including the following TCP ports:

  • SMDR Events: 1752
  • ACD Events: 15373

4. Same timezone as the MiVB servers

5. Confirm that the SDS Form Sharing is enabled. System Properties -> System
Administration -> SDS Form Sharing. This is used to sync the configuration across
the different appliances.

6. In order for us to load configuration data, we will need to have a user authorization
profile created for our agent to access the MiVB server. This can be
accomplished within the MiVB Portal System Administration Tool.

  • Navigate to System Properties>System Administration>User Authorization Profiles.
  • Create a new user authorization profile with System Admin option checked, and the System Admin policy name set to "system".
  • You will enter these credentials into the Data Source Configuration page in Brightmetrics when setting up the data source and agent.


Step 1: Install all pre-requisites listed here below:

Download the SMDR Processor Setup:

Run the SMDR Processor Setup Program:

  • When prompted for the Server Address, enter the IP address(es) to your MiVB server(s)

**Note, if you have multiple servers, enter the addresses together using comma separation, ie,***


Step 2: Log into and navigate to the Data Source Configuration page in Brightmetrics and add your MiVB Data Source here(you will need to be an account admin to complete this):


  • Fill in the following fields in the resulting dialog:
  • Server Address(es) for the MiVB Server(s)
  • MiVB User/Password that was created in Step 6 above
  • Select "Add New Agent" from the drop down next for Agent Name and choose "Add New Agent" and the agent a name. 
  • Click Save

** If you will also be adding Brightmetrics for MiCC or already have it installed you can use the same agent for MiVB as you are using for MiCC which is installed on the MiCC server. If you will be using the same agent the SMDR processor will need to be on the same server as MiCC as well.**



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