Agent Balanced Scorecard

With Brightmetrics Agent Balanced Scorecard you can set clear and quantifiable agent performance standards which will lead to efficient contact center operations, saving you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars returned to your bottom line.  Our agent balanced scorecard templates are designed for agents within groups (Contact Center, Workgroups, Queues, etc).


How do I create a scorecard?


Step 1:  Click on the Insights icon on the sidebar menu.  If you don't see this icon, please reach out to an Admin on your account to ask for access.  Not sure who your Admins are?  Our Support Team can help. 

Step 2:  Select the Scorecards tab at the top. 

Step 3:  Click on Create New Scorecard

Step 4: In the popup, select the scorecard template you'd like to use.  



Step 5:  Use the dropdown to decide if you'd like to filter by Agent Name or by Group Membership:  


Step 6:  You'll the template populate with the default filters at the top.  Scroll to the bottom of the results displayed to see and adjust the Weights: 


As you do so, you'll see the calculations adjust.  You can click on Save in the upper right to save the changes.  


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