Understanding Voicemail Reporting for Genesys

Required Permissions Level: Dashboard and Reports Creator

You can look at voicemail reporting by using the Session data set and filter on Purpose as the Report filter to see interactions that ended in the Voicemail system like this:


  1. Choose Reports on the left sidebar menu
  2. Choose the plus button on top or bottom for Create New Report
  3. Choose Sessions and click Next
  4. Then choose whether you want your report to be a detail or summary level report      SummaryVsDetail.jpg
  5. Click and drag the Participant Name to the Rows box
  6. Click the vertical ellipsis next to Purpose
  7. Select Add to Filter                  Defining_Dimensions.jpg
  8. At the top, you'll see the filter option for Purpose is available.  Click the blue link to open a popup 
  9. Select Voicemail from list 
  10. Click Apply
  11. Click the green checkmark in the upper right corner of the filter popup   Filtering_to_Voicemail.jpg
  12. Click on Values under Fields
  13. Select any Values you want to be included in the report
  14. Click and drag the values to the Values box, in green   Values.jpg 

Below is an example of what the summary report might look like: 



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