Reports and Dashboard Charts Displaying N/A

When you build out a chart or an on-demand report that displays N/A or None in the results, this means it is a blank field or there is no label for the data presented. For example, when reporting on group data, and using a non-group related field, (Eg. Party Name, User Name, etc.) it may be represented by an N/A or None. When seen on an Agent Data Report, it means that the field is not applicable to the agent or on an agent level. In this article, we will show you some example charts and on-demand reports displaying N/A or None, and walk you through some explanations as to why in each particular instance, they are showing.

In this chart, we can see that it is filtering on Answered Group; an "Answered Group" of "N/A" means the calls may have been unanswered, i.e., it could be abandoned, interflowed, etc; this can be confirmed by drilling into the data - clicking on the magnifying glass in the corner - and adding in Exit Reason (See screenshots below).

We see that some of the N/A calls are Abandoned, and some are Interflowed; we don't follow a call past interflow to say whether or not someone answered the call -- its disposition for that time through the service or group is "Interflowed." There's also many that are transferred out to the PBX which is simply another kind of Interflow - probably one performed by a script action. That said, the chart shows us N/A for the calls that are Interflowed that may have or may not have Abandoned at down the line, as well as the calls that were Abandoned and thus had no "Answered Group."

The charts above utilize ECC Group Data Fields that are filtering on Party Name; however, there is no Party Name for those N/A calls.  Again, by drilling through - clicking on the magnifying glass in the corner of the chart - and adding Exit Reason, we see that those calls were abandoned and thus would not have a Party Name to display. 

This report example is detailing an Agent Activity report that is filtering to Agent Name, by Workgroup Membership.  The entries that show in the results as N/A for Workgroup Name are either because:

  • They are Non-Workgroup Outbound calls which are made by the agents but not through the Workgroup - outbound calls are not associated with groups, but instead with the agent accounts.
    - Or -
  • They are Inbound Non-Workgroup calls which are not accepted into the workgroup, but instead by the agent - when an agent picks up their phone while logged into a workgroup or ECC group, the system never asks what group they wish to associate that call with, so it logs it to the agent account and not the group.


These are just a few of examples that illustrate why you may see N/A on a report or on a dashboard chart with which you are working.  If after looking through these examples, it is still unclear why you see N/A on your report or dashboard, please reach out to our support team at, and we would be happy to provide a further explanation!

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