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Brightmetrics is grateful for the opportunity to meet the reporting needs of your organization; that’s why we’re relentless in looking for ways to improve the value that our features and services provided!

When it comes specifically to the MiVoice Contact Center Connect (formerly ShoreTel ECC) we’ve faced some unique and significant challenges along the way, but we’ve been persistent and prevailed in bringing values, dimensions, and perspectives to your reporting and analytics that no one else can provide. Now we’re adding a long-awaited and exciting enhancement of our platform.

Brightmetrics ECC Analytics now supports Custom Detail Dimensions.

Okay… so what exactly does Custom Detail Dimensions mean?

Reporting of Custom Detail Dimensions includes:
Detailed Reporting on your Custom Call Profile Fields
& Detailed Reporting on Skills

If your organization:

  • Uses skills-based or smart routing to determine and deliver calls to agents with specific experience or skill level
  • Utilizes a value-based or data-directed Call Routing model
  • Could benefit from having user-defined call profiles and skill levels to report on

Brightmetrics supports it – allowing you to define which call profile fields you would like to include as available data fields, values, and filters in your Detail Reports.

(Example: Agent Activity Detail Report using Custom Detail Dimensions in Edit Mode)

Here’s a step by step guide that will make sure you hit all the necessary setup within Mitel/ShoreTel to capture this data and required configurations to map these fields for use in Brightmetrics.

Mitel’s Connect Contact Center/ECC will only log selected call profile/skill fields to their CCIR database, so you'll need to configure the desired fields to write to CCIR; you’ll have to log into your Contact Center Director web GUI which is accessible by navigating to the (ECC IP address)/contactcenterdirector.

  1. Navigate to your Contact Center Director > System Parameters > External Interfaces > CCIR
  2. Configure the Call Profiles for Reporting and the Skills for Reporting by including them in the "Selected” boxes.
  3. Once done, click Save.image4.pngFor more information concerning the setup, configurations, and/or the use cases of Call Profiles and Skills in Contact Center Director, consult with your ShoreTel/Mitel provider.

Brightmetrics should now see the available customized data fields for the ECC data source; now you can configure them to add to your available fields in your Brightmetrics ECC Analytics Detail Reports.

  1. Navigate to Brightmetrics > Data Customization
  2. Choose the data source: ShoreTel ECC 2.0 & Choose a desired data source instance: Group Data, Agent Data, or Service Data
    Note: call profile fields/skills can be configured under any of the data source instances and will be available under the others as well since they all share the same CCIR data.
  3. Click the Add button, under the Custom Detail Dimensions
  4. Configure the desired fields according to those configured within ShoreTel Contact Center Director and Configure the way they will present in Brightmetrics
    Custom Detail Dimension type: Call Profile or Skill
    Secondary drop-down menu (Various): will present data fields according to how your organization has them configured in your Contact Center Director
    Name: You may choose to name the field however you would like it to appear within your Brightmetrics Detail Reports. By default, it will be the same as the call profile field name in ECC, but if for some reason you would like it to be labeled differently in reporting, you can change it here.
    Tooltip: This field is for giving a brief description of what your Custom Detail Dimension represents; when you - and more importantly, others who haven’t configured these - hover over your Custom Detail Dimension when creating/editing a report, a pop-up window will appear with the description you give it.
    Hide: If checked, this Custom Detail Dimension will not be available to use when creating/editing reports. (Note: Because Data Customizations are selectable for use by anyone with reporting or dashboard permissions, you may choose to hide them during functionality trial periods or if you wish to save them for future use.)
  5. Click Save

If you have any questions regarding Brightmetrics' Mitel (ShoreTel) Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at
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