Updating Your Billing Information

Required Permissions Level: Company Administrator

If you are a direct Brightmetrics customer, meaning you do not receive your service through one of our Partners or Resellers, you may find the need to update your payment information (credit card number, expiration date, billing address, etc) within our platform. This can be quickly accessed by any admin on the account.  
Not sure who the admin is on your account? Please send an email to support@brightmetrics.com and we can look the admin up for you. 
*Note: If your Brightmetrics service is provided to you through a Reseller or Partner, your billing information will be updated with them and not in our platform. 
Accessing the Billing Information
  1. Select Company Settings in the sidebar menu
  2. Update your card information and click Update
The changes are then applied to the next billing cycle.  
If you have any questions regarding Brightmetrics' Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at support@brightmetrics.com
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