Identifying Call Trends: Repeat Callers

In evaluating strategies for your call center, you may find yourself trying to identify call trends for specific callers: how often callers are calling in, the times of day, the count of their repeat calls; this type of information can be very valuable to identify.  This can be done using the CallerID field, which is available on detail reports.  See examples and steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Reports page and select Create New Report located at the bottom of the page
  2. Select ShoreTel Call Data from the Create Detail Report pop-up window
  3. Select the detail option
  4. Apply filters to Call Date/Time and Call Type by clicking on the Filter Buttons in the Add Filter Button - this will add configuration options at the top of the report
    •  Configure the applied filters:
      • Call Date/Time Filter: select the date range you’d like the report run for 
      • Call Type Filter: Select the One option, and in the drop-down, choose Inbound.  


*Note: This is pulling detailed data with only a date filter which can result in a large number of records if you have high call volume and/or a long retention period.  Shorter Call Date/Time range parameters are recommended in order for the data to pull in a timely fashion. 
  1. From the Available Dimensions box, Drag the Call Date/Time Dimension into the Columns box and the CallerID Dimension into the Rows box. 
  2. By clicking on the plus icon (  ↓  ) to the left of Advanced Sorting Options, it will expand to allow you to click, "Only show record count" and also "Sort groupings by record count"; Check both.
  3. Click Run Report to see the results


To learn how to save the report to run again in the future, or how to schedule it to be emailed regularly, please see our article on Scheduling On-Demand Reports.
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