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As of Sep 2017, ShoreTel has been acquired by Mitel; the product titles and images used in this article may not accurately reflect the official product titles post-acquisition. This includes subjects contained in the imagery of brightmetrics' user interface.
When you’re reviewing the calls that came into your team’s queue and see abandoned calls or calls that seem like they were queued for much longer than your target speed of answer, the natural question follows: “What was everyone doing when we had an opportunity to serve this customer better?” 
Brightmetrics' Team Activity Feature allows you to answer these types of questions by: 
  • Showing the agents that were logged into a queue (workgroup, or ECC group)while the calls were living in that queue
  • Color coding the bars that depict the duration of each agent's status based on the activity type that they had while the call was queued. (See example screenshot below)
 Example: Cradle to Grave > Team Activity Feature 
For our example here, we are using a call with an unusually long queue time. In the Cradle to Grave details of the call, which is where the Team Activity Feature can be found, we can see that Mary receives one of the queued calls after some time.
The Team Activity Feature shows us that Mary was on a call already, Wendy was presented with the call but doesn't answer for some reason, and Alexis is presented with the call but then logs out.
With this information, we can better determine the strengths and the opportunities of our team. Here's how you can get started with investigations of your own.

How to access the Team Activity View:

The Team Activity feature can be seen on any cradle to grave report where a caller routed through a Workgroup or Mitel MIVOICE Connect Contact Center (MVCCC)(ShoreTel ECC) Group. Paths to access team activity include but are not limited to:
  • Dashboard > Drill through details > Cradle to Grave (C2G)
  • Real Time Dashboard > Real Time Agent Status Timeline > Cradle to Grave (C2G)
  • On-Demand Reports > Summary Report > Details > Cradle to Grave (C2G)
  • On-Demand Reports > Detail Report > Cradle to Grave (C2G)
(Example: On-Demand Reports > Workgroup Queue Summary > Workgroup Queue Summary (detail) > C2G - Queue Time)
  1. Once in the Workgroup Queue Summary (detail), click on a field to enter the Cradle to Grave view
  2. Click on the group or workgroup segment of the call
  3. Click the Team Activity tab to show the status of agents logged in to this workgroup during this time
  4. Click each call leg to see Agent specific status during its duration.
We hope the Team Activity Feature will give you some unique insights that will allow you to better manage the activities of your team.
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