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Brightmetrics can provide reporting and dashboard perspectives for the ShoreTel Professional Services Multi-Super-Group product for the core PBX. Because this is a route point application, we will have to manually filter out some of the extraneous data, as well as interpret the data a little differently. 

Here we'll discuss:

  • Two approaches for effective use of this function
  • Which filters to apply
  • How to correctly understand the data delivered in reports focused on Multi-Super-Groups

Hunt Group Report

Because of the similarities that you'll find with Hunt Group Reports, we can start there.
The calls with a connect reason of "Originate" are the calls the application makes to members of the group to deliver calls, the same way that workgroups and hunt groups do.  For workgroups and hunt groups we filter those out automatically because we know what they are, but for this particular type of route point application, you have to do that manually.
(See example and steps below)

(Hunt Group Call Disposition Report)

  1. Put the report in Edit Mode
  2. Click on the Filter button beside Connect Reason
  3. Adjust the Connect Reason: Multiple > (Click here to select values)
  4. Choose Show everything except the selected values
  5. Choose Originate

Interpreting the data:

The table below sheds light on some of the required shifts in perspective to understand the reported data concerning the Super-Group reports.

The data reported in Next Party Type has the following indications:

Hunt Group (Call Party Activity) Dashboard Template

The other option we have here is to use the Hunt Group (Call Party Activity) Dashboard Template.(See example and steps below)

(Example: Hunt Group Template)

  1. From the Edit Dashboards Page, click the New Tab button
  2. Select Hunt Group Template from the drop-down menu

Similar to the Hunt Group Report, you will need to add a "Connect Reason" filter on each chart to exclude the connect reason "Originate". (See example and steps continued below)

(Example: Chart Options)

3. Click on the Enclosure tab beneath the chart and choose Chart Options
4. Click on the Filter button beside Connect Reason
5. Choose Show everything except the selected values
6. Choose Originate

Bonus Tip: If you use the Chart Value: Count - All Calls and a Category: Party Name, on the Dashboards Page (not Edit Dashboards), you can click on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the chart to then drill into them by Party Name.

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