Does Brightmetrics Support Custom Call Profiles?

As of Sep 2017, ShoreTel has been acquired by Mitel; the product titles and images used in this article may not accurately reflect the official product titles post-acquisition. This includes subjects contained in the imagery of brightmetrics' user interface.


Currently, Brightmetrics does not support reporting or building dashboard perspectives with Custom Call Profile fields. While adding Custom Call Profiles to our reporting is on our product development roadmap as a potential enhancement at some point, we've uncovered some significant challenges from our thorough brainstorming and feasibility analysis.

A few of these considerations at present:

  • It requires a build-out of our interface to allow each customer to manage their custom call profile fields within Brightmetrics; similar to what we had to develop for Custom Calculated Fields in our Data Customization tab
  • Storage of 1:1 values of Custom Call Profile fields has the potential to exponentially impact our storage capacity and current architecture, and could have cost implications for our customers
  • Storage of this type of data, even at the Summary level, for Brightmetrics now becomes potentially a concern for organizations that are in industries that are highly regulated
  • Once we expose these custom call profile fields, all registered users of Brightmetrics within an organization would then have the ability to build out reports based on these fields; from our experience we've seen a lot of Mitel (ShoreTel) customers configure these fields to capture Personal Identifiable Information and otherwise sensitive data (beyond just the Caller ID, and name). That being said we are working on another service level offering right now that will afford customers more granular control over their users' access to certain types of data views and permission sets

However, we have identified, isolated and delivered to your Brightmetrics reports and dashboard perspectives two call profile fields that we believe have great value for our customers:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Number

Since Brightmetrics does not create any data but rather reports on the data that ECC creates in CCIR, Brightmetrics does not itself represent an alternative database from which data can be retrieved.

What is available in Brightmetrics:

Wrap codes: both built-in and custom, are supported. However, the multiple wrap codes feature is not supported as ShoreTel ECC (Mitel MVCCC) only logs the final wrap code selected by the agent to CCIR.

Standard call profile fields: Customer Name and Customer Number. These highly valuable standard call profile fields supported at this time.

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