Get All Agent Activity, filtered down by Membership in Groups or Site

As of Sep 2017, ShoreTel has been acquired by Mitel; the product titles and images used in this article may not accurately reflect the official product titles post-acquisition. This includes subjects contained in the imagery of brightmetrics' user interface.

One common request we've heard from Brightmetrics users is the capability to see all recorded activity for agents that are members of a Work Group, ShoreTel ECC Group (MIVOICE Connect Contact Center (MVCCC)), or Site. Previous functionality has allowed filtering reports by groups but the results returned only activity and data points related to that group. This makes it hard as a manager to understand the circumspect activity and utilization of your agent team members, especially in organizations and ShoreTel configurations where agents can be a resource as members of multiple different groups. Getting this perspective allows a manager to understand how much of their resources’ time is spent focused on their Work Group or Group activities versus others that Agents might be assigned to, or just simply how that agent's utilization is split.

Another common request has been the need to quickly identify and return reporting results for all Agents based on site membership so you can quickly drill into the details that are relevant to a specific location/site.

We now have delivered the features within our filter settings that allow you to support these important perspectives!

1) In an Agent Activity or an Agent Data Report (MVCCC)(ShoreTel ECC) On-Demand Report select the Agent Name filter radio for Multiple
2) Click on Click to select values revealing the pop-up window that enables your filter selections
3) Under Selection criteria select By Work Group or Group Membership and make your filtering selection, finishing this step by clicking Apply
When you run your reports, your results will return all values for agents, for all their groups that have membership within the filtered group: 
To filter your Agent Activity reports for the ShoreTel (Mitel MIVOICE Connect) system by Site, you can use these same steps only replace your selection of Selection criteria in step 3 with By Site and make your filtering selection. This will return all values for Agents that are members of the selected site(s)
One caveat to note in regards to filtering Agents "By Site": user and site are not a static relationship pairing -- users can assign themselves to any phone, including an external phone, and that will change their site relationship. So the report will always be based on their site now, not their site when the call records are recorded.
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  • I still cant see the outbound calls. I have followed the step by step instructions. I am obviously missing something. Any other suggestions?

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  • Hi Kristal, we'd love to take a closer look at the specifics of the report and the filter parameters you're applying. I've opened a Support ticket for us to continue our work together there with you and our fantastic Support Engineering team.

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