Dashboards: Deleting Dashboard Tabs

As of Sep 2017, ShoreTel has been acquired by Mitel; the product titles and images used in this article may not accurately reflect the official product titles post-acquisition. This includes subjects contained in the imagery of brightmetrics' user interface.

Required Permissions Level on Dashboard: Administrator

The steps outlined in the article will walk you through permanently deleting a Dashboard tab for all users with access to it and/or removing it from your view.

If you'd like to simply remove a Dashboard from another user's view, please see our article (Permission Levels on Reports and Dashboards) for adjusting Tab Permissions.

To permanently delete a Dashboard tab for all users: (See example & steps below)

  1. Navigate to the Edit Dashboard Page in the Sidebar of Brightmetrics
  2. Click on the tab you want to delete (verify this is the tab you'd like to delete)
  3. Click on the Delete Tab Button located in the top right corner of the page


(Example: Edit Dashboard >Dashboard Tab > Delete Tab)


Note: You will receive an alert window if the tab is shared with others; you can choose to Remove Yourself or All. Click the desired option(See example below)


(Example: Delete Shared Dashboard Tab Alert)


Note: Because each dashboard has its own set of viewers, editors, schedules, and permissions, each tab must be deleted individually.

**Please note: If you are currently an admin on the account but are not currently seeing the dashboard listed under your dashboards so that you can delete it or change permissions levels on it you will first need to give yourself access to it by following the steps here (See example & steps below):



  1. Click Users
  2. Change the drop down to Users By Dashboard or Dashboard by Users
  3. Click on the name of the dashboard you wish to gain access to
  4. Change the permissions level to admin for your email address and click Okay**

If you have any other questions regarding this or anything within Brightmetrics' Mitel (ShoreTel) Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at support@brightmetrics.com

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