On-Demand Reports: Configure Visual Thresholds for Detail Reports

Required Permissions Level: Dashboard and Reports Creator

We know that some of you run detail reports from our services, or have reports set up for scheduled delivery that can get pretty lengthy. Some of you have tens of thousands of records being pushed out in a single report! Sifting through those detailed reports to find your outliers or clue in on values that exceed your targets can be difficult. What would be really helpful is some sort of visual formatting that draws your attention. That's exactly why we've added a Visual Threshold configurator to our Detailed Reports in our On-Demand Reports services that allows you to apply custom formats to flag critical information. This will allow you and the team to quickly key into the most important information coming through on your detailed reports. Check out the steps below to see how you configure these thresholds!

  1. In your Sidebar Menu, navigate to the "Reports" section
  2. Choose any Detail Report, that uses a detail Data Source Instance
  3. Select "Fields" to reveal all available Dimensions, Values, Columns, and Rows
  4. Choose which Dimensions and/or values that you want to trigger Threshold formatting by clicking the block "A" Icon with the green plus sign (note: to edit these Thresholds you'll click the same icon depicted with a pencil in place of the green plus sign)
You'll see in the example we've configured here that 4 calls from our report in today's time interval exceeded the Warning Threshold:
Pro Tips: 
  • The configuration of the thresholds is driven by the type of data in the chosen Dimension or Value. In the example above we see minutes as that is the unit applied to the Call Duration value. In another example below we apply a Text Threshold to trigger off on a Call Type of "ExtToExt":
  • Multiple Threshold triggers can be configured per Detail level Report
  • Formatting will carry through in exported or sent reports sent/scheduled for delivery through email in PDF and/or Excel formats (not CSV)
We hope this helps save time for you and your team, and surface critical insights from your detailed reports quicker. 
If you have any other questions regarding this or anything within Brightmetrics' ShoreTel Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at support@brightmetrics.com


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