Real Time - ECC: "Group Logged Into" Filter

Required Subscription Add-On: Real Time Dashboard Services

Required User Permissions Level: Create/Modify Dashboard Tabs

Required ShoreTel: Enterprise Contact Center 

Now not only can you use filtering by Group Membership, but you can further refine your perspectives to only include Agents that are currently logged into the configured Group! What's the big deal? Well, we've realized that selecting agents by group membership is useful, but you also want to select by login status to a group. Here's a couple of examples where this comes in handy:

  • If someone is a member of Group A and of Group B, but logged into Group A only, on your Real Time dashboards you would only want that agent to appear on the charts configured for agents in Group A, and not Group B. If that Agent were to log out of Group A and log into Group B, they should appear in the Group B charts, not Group A. As of today your team can now filter your charts to get these more accurate in the moment results.
  • An Agent is a member of Group A, but not Group B. Group B is experiencing a massive spike in call volume and this Agent logs into Group B to help field calls. If an Agent chart is filtered by Group Membership by Group B, this agent would not show in the list. But, if the chart is filtered by Agents Logged Into Group B, then they would be shown on the chart.

To add this filter to one of your Real Time charts for your ECC Groups, functionally you'll follow the same standard steps that you can review in our tutorial video "Create Chart"

  1. In Chart Options, under "Chart Items"-> "Filters" click the cylinder adjacent "Group Logged Into"
  2. In the Group Logged Into Filter configuration pop-up box select Group or Groups and click Apply
  3. Click Apply in the Chart Options box and save your Dashboard per the tutorial video and then enjoy your new filtered perspective on the chart showing only agents logged into the Group(s)

We hope you find this helpful in dialing into a more timely and in-the-moment relevant perspective so you can easily see and manage your ECC groups.

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