Real Time - ECC: Agents and Licensing Utilization

Required Subscription Add-On: Real Time Dashboard Services

Required User Permissions Level: Create/Modify Dashboard Tabs

Required ShoreTel: Enterprise Contact Center 

We've added a new helpful data source instance to our Real Time Dashboard service to give your organization awareness of your current and maximum level licensing utilization for your ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center service! 

To add this chart, you'll follow the same standard steps that you can review in our tutorial video "Create Chart"


  1. In the Data Selection Menu, you'll select:
    • Choose a Data Source Group: "ShoreTel Real Time"
    • Choose a Data Source Instance: "ECC Real Time System Status"
  2. In Chart Options, configure the chart settings and add chart values as desired
    • ***Critical Note*** You'll need to select at least one System IP Address. Many ShoreTel ECC deployments only have one ECC server, but some may have more and in those scenarios, you may want to see all or one in particular set of licensing from that ECC serverPro-Tip: set some audio and visual threshold alerts on this chart to help alert you to when you're approaching certain defined thresholds (review how to do that here)
  3. You'll end up with a simple but valuable chart similar to the below

***One important detail to keep in mind for implementing this chart: it will only track the maximum values from the time our software initiates the services that begin displaying that dashboard and the chart. If the chart is closed, the services will be reinitiated and the maximum values will begin being tracked fresh from that restart***

We hope this additional perspective on your licensing utilization helps your efficiency and planning for your ECC groups. 

If you have any other questions regarding Brightmetrics' ShoreTel Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at


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