ECC 2.0 - Data Source Instance "Agent Groups and Skills"

Required Subscription Add-On: ECC 2.0 Analytics Services

We've added a new helpful data source to further improve the value you get from your ECC 2.0 Brightmetrics perspectives! Now you can see your configurations around agents assignment to groups and their defined skills. You can see a summary of these available dimension fields at our Data Definitions page:

You'll see some new standard system templates that we've made available under the "Config" section of your ECC 2.0 On Demand Reports tab:

We hope you and the team find these additional data dimension fields useful!

If you don't have our ECC services and are using ShoreTel's Enterprise Contact Center and would like to find out more, or if you have any other questions regarding Brightmetrics' ShoreTel Reporting and Data Analytics Services, please email us at

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