Reporting on IVR App Data

Required Subscription Add-On: Enterprise Contact Center Analytics

Required Permissions Level: Reports and Dashboard Creator


Your auto attendant will need to be configured with IVR applications between the appropriate interactions - so that then we can turn on an IVR application data source to give you visibility into those selections.  IVR app data is not a standard data set we deploy, but we can enable it upon request.  Once BrightMetrics has turned it on you can follow the steps below to create reports around IVR app data.

For Reports: 
  1. Navigate through your Sidebar Menu to the Reports section and select your ECC (MIVOICE Connect Contact Center (MVCCC)) tab of report templates
  2. You'll be creating a "New Summary" or "Detail Report" that is not a template under Standard or your Saved Reports yet, so you’ll click the green plus button in the top right-hand corner here:


  1.  You'll select "IVR App Data"
  2. Click Next and then verify if you want a summary level or detail report


For Dashboard Charts: Click the pencil on the dashboard tab you’d like to add a chart to for IVR Apps reporting:
  1. Select "Add Chart"
  2. Choose "ECC (MVCCC)" from the dropdown for Data Source Type
  3. Choose "IVR App Data" from the dropdown for Data 
  4. Select "Okay"


Outside of Brightmetrics Services in Mitel (ShoreTel): In the ECC (MVCCC) script editor, you can insert IVR App nodes in the script flow. When calls hit those points in the script an IVR app event will be logged for reporting. 
For example:
If you currently have a phone tree like this: 
You can add IVR Apps to it like this:
You only need to add IVR apps to the options you want to report on, and you would name them according to the options they are selecting.
We hope you find this helpful, but please let us know if we can be of additional assistance with this or any aspect of Brightmetrics reporting by emailing us at


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